66 new COVID-19 positive cases in Hailakandi; total tally 540; three more employees of DC’s establishment afflicted

Hailakandi, July 12: 66 more fresh COVID-19 positive cases have been detected in South Assam’s Hailakandi district in the past 24 hours, taking the total tally to 540.

Three more employees of DC’s establishment got afflicted with COVID-19 disease, taking the total employees affected to 18.

Three employees of DC’s establishment namely Rajib Bhattacharjee, 44, Raktimava Dey, 41 and Probhat Chandra Nath, 44, have all tested positive. Earlier, 15 employees, including an Additional Deputy Commissioner were detected COVID-19 positive.

Health authorities disclosed here on Sunday that Rasham Uddin Laskar 23, Amzad Hussain 24, Sahab Uddin 26, Uajul Hoque Laskar 20, Anam Uddin Laskar 30, Abdul Goni Laskar 25, Salman Hussain Mazumder 20, Sajal Uddin Laskar 25,
Dilwar Hussain Barbhuiya 23, Sajel Ahmed Laskar 23, Wajid Hussain 24, Fakrul Islam Laskar 21, Abdul Malik Laskar 28, Bimal Kalita 52, Sajal kanti Deb 45, Ruhul Amin Laskar 26, Ismail Ali 25, Abdul Ali Mazumder 31, Pintu Bhumiz 27, Rajib Bhattarcharjee 44, Raktimava Dey 44,
Prabhat Chandra Nath 44, Habiba khanom Barbhuiya 42, Akshay Kumar Das 51, Seraj Uddin Barbhuiya 59, Forij Ahmed Laskar 36, Narayan Nath 37, Kulendra Riang 27, Abdul Kalam Laskar 30, Abdul Halil 22, Atiqur Rahman 25, Dilwar Hussain 26, Asadulla Choudhury 20, Abdul Halil Laskar 34, Ajmol Hussain 26, Nazim Uddin Sk 23, Anwar Hussain Laskar 36, Faraj Uddin 18 Kamrul Islam 23, Kamal Uddin Laskar 21, Riaj Uddin Barbhuiya 23, Sharif Uddin Mazumder 21, Nazrul Islam Talukdar 29, Jashim Uddin 29, Saharul Islam Laskar 19,
Ali Ahmed Laskar 29, Anwar Hussain Barbhuiya 30, Kaydul Hussain Barbhuiya 20, Sahajahan Ahmed 22, Arman Ahmed Md, 2, Badrul Islam Laskar 25,
Muyajjam Hussain Laskar 28, Kabir Hussain Uddin Choudhury 19, Khadua Begum 22, Sekh Sayat Ali 21, Ashraf Uddin 26, Toybur Rahman 28, Ansarulla 22, Ickbal H Laskar 26, Hilal Ahmed Laskar 27, Saharul Alom Barbhuiya 22, Ibadulla Laskar 23, Murolidhar Tripura 20, Jibinta Mohan 23, Dinesh Tripura 21 and Nonigopal Dasgupta, 40, all turned out positive.

Seven police personnel have tested positive on Sunday. Two persons with symptoms have been admitted at SK Roy Civil Hospital.

The driver of Circle Officer, Lala has been detected positive together with his wife.
315 cured persons have been discharged from different hospitals.There are 157 active cases in the district as per the health bulletin released on Saturday. Two COVID-19 positive patients viz., Mangoli Rani Das, 53, and Foijul Haque Barbhuiya, 65, breathed their last at Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

1,257 persons are under 26 facility quarantine centres while 4,598 persons under home quarantine. Of the 10,952 swab samples taken, 8,342 turned out to be negative.

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