Abduction attempt of school teacher foiled at Cachar

Silchar, Mar 2 : Locals, on Monday, foiled an attempt to abduct a TET teacher, who was on her way to school, like every other day.

According to the father of the victim, the incident happened adjacent to Kalayani hospital at Srikona, when a Bolero car, which was entailing them from quiet a long distance, overtook them and blocked their path.

“I was heading towards the school when the car crossed and blocked the way out. They were 6-7 people in the vehicle and were chasing us back from Salchapra. They stopped our car and tried to pull me out to their vehicle” the victim school teacher alleged.

“Finding we were outnumbered by the miscreants, I raised alarm to which the local people immediately jumped to help us and apprehend one of the perpetrators” the victim’s father said to the media.

The arrested accused was identified as Fariz Uddin and is resident of Barakpar. According to his statement, they were given the assignment by one Hasan Ahmed and were about to get paid 5 lakhs rupees from Ahmed for the abduction. Fariz Uddin was later handed over to police by the locals.

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