About Us

BARAK VALLEY UPDATES is a local news website comprising of large network of field reporters and journalists from across the valley, bringing the happenings around us to our esteemed readers. Team BVU, which walks with the aim to “KEEP THE VALLEY AHEAD”, was founded in 2018 with a motto to bring the positive stories as well as the sufferings of the common masses, from the remotest corners of the valley, to the mainstream. We are committed to our goal and live with it. 

BVU’s independent editorial stand and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news have over the years, won for it the serious attention and regard of the people who matter in Assam and the nation. 

To cater to the ever-increasing spectrum of demand for news and information in an era of rapidly evolving technologies, we promise you to stand by your hopes and expectations.

BVU team comprises of- 

Kushal Deb Roy

Editor, BVU

Email – barakvalleyupdates@gmail.com (for editorials or any other queries)

Anwar Hussain Laskar

Founder, BVU

Email – anwarhussain.ah470@gmail.com

For advertising, contact at – 


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