Barricades placed by Assam to resist road construction in disputed land

Silchar, Nov 9 : Assam Police, on Tuesday, erected a bamboo barricade in front of the road, that is being constructed by workers from Mizoram in Assam’s Paglachhara area of the Assam-Mizoram border. A special commando force of Assam Police has also been deployed at the location.

As per the local reports, workers from Mizoram, backed by their police protection, is carrying out road construction work by installing excavators and other equipment in the territory of Assam at Paglachhara adjacent to Frenchnagar, Dholai.

The barricading has been done so that road doesn’t advances into the Assam territory. The movement of the general public and the media persons to the disputed location has also been obstructed by the police administration in Assam side.

Noteworthy, Mizoram is constructing the road by cutting down the hills next to Vairengte Autostand in Kolasib district. The construction work has reached Paglachhara of Assam. The locals of the village allege, Mizoram is forcibly occupying several plots in the area and Mizoram Police and IR Battalions are providing assistance to the Mizo men and women engaged in the work.

Senior Assam police officials visited the location on Monday.

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