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The personal computer which had lost its importance due to the advent of smart phones has experienced a huge revival during the COVID-19 pandemic, as workers, students and other consumers suddenly needed new PCs to handle tasks such as videoconferencing, online meeting, online classes etc.

Meeting with all the demands of current requirements, “Subharati Trademart” has complete IT solution for all IT users of this region, starting from laptops, desktop, gaming desktops, photo copier, CCTV, billing solutions etc.

Bringing the latest technologies along with the best price-service combination to customers has always been the main motive of Subharati Trademart. To provide customers superior quality branded products, with best support and service, is their main motto.

Founded by Amar Shankar Banik, an Electronics engineering graduate along with Masters in Business Administration, at Subharati Trademart they are always committed to suggest the best and correct product to their customers according to customers requirements.

The arrays of offers currently being run by Subharati Trademart are:
CCTV– 2 Dahua / CP plus Camera, 4 channel DVR, 1 TB Hard Disk, 40 meter Cable and 4 channel power supply @ Rs 9999/-

Desktop- Dualcore/4GB RAM/500 GB HDD/with monitor, Keyboard, mouse @ Rs 12,000/-
So, don’t miss the best deal and visit Subharati Trademart at Park Road, Silchar today.

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