Cachar police issues traffic advisories for cabinet meet in Silchar

SILCHAR, Nov.27: The state cabinet meeting is going to be held at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Cachar for the 1st time in the history of Assam on 29 November, 2022. The entire office of the Deputy Commissioner, Cachar and the Circuit House got a facility and is ready to welcome the Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues and other top officials. The District Administration has also left no stones unturned to clean the streets and remove the vendors from the road side. Several traffic restrictions were also planned.

Cachar Police has provided a detailed traffic plan to be followed in Silchar from 28 November to 30 November in view of the Cabinet meeting on 29 November.

  1. Dak Bunglow point is earmarked as NO ENTRY for all vehicular traffic towards DC Office.
  2. Forest Office Road near Narsing H.S School is earmarked as NO ENTRY for all vehicular traffic.
  3. Vehicles coming to Court Campus and DC Office can access the Municipality Road via Sadarghat Old Bridge and Immersion Ghat -Treasury Point and Court Campus.
  4. No Vehicles will be allowed to park in front of Court Campus and Bar Library.
  5. Janiganj Road is earmarked as ONE WAY for all vehicular traffic. No vehicles will be allowed towards Govt Boys HS School side from Janiganj side. The same will be imposed on Ukilpatty Road and Tulapatty Road. Vehicles coming from Tulapatty or Ukilpatty towards Janiganj will not be allowed to move towards Govt Boys HS School side.
  6. On 29 November, all the vehicular traffic coming from SMCH side and willing to go to Rangirkhari side can access the National Highway Point, Ashram Road, Vivekananda Road, Tarapur and so on.
  7. Vehicles coming towards Rangirkhari side from National Highway side will be diverted towards Das Colony and they can access College Road, Ambicapatty, Church Road and Vivekananda Road. However, the Ambulance services will be exempted from the restrictions of NO ENTRY.

Point No. 6 & 7 will be temporary for 2 hours only. The traffic on duty will allow access of vehicles once the programme at Rangirkhal is over.

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