Complaint filed against Madrassa for “Jihadi teaching”

Sonai, Nov 17 : An FIR has been launched against a private Madrassa at Cachar district for allegedly teaching the students racism and Jihad.

According to the police, two teachers from Swadhin Bazar Islamia Madrassa Ethim Khana, both from Sonai town in Assam were arrested on Wednesday night and an FIR was registered against them after a student’s complaint.

The complaint was filed by one Shahab Uddin Khan alleging that his son, Sain Khan, a student of eighth standard of Swadhin Bazar Islamia Madrassa, was being assaulted by teachers of the Madrassa.

The complaint was lodged on 11th November 2022 against headmaster Maulana Abul Hussain Laskar along with the secretary Dilwar Hussain Mazumdar. Both of them have been arrested by police for interrogation.

Speaking to the media, the student alleged that the teachers used to conduct special classes at night teaching “if they destroy Hindus, they’ll get special blessings from Allah.”

The boy, who has sustained injuries at his head and chest, mentioned that he was suffering from conjunctivitis for some days and refused to join the special class but “they threatened to kill me. They stroked at my head and punched me” the student narrated.

Cachar SP Numal Mahatta has said that they are investigating the case in all angles and links of any Jihadi activities will also be looked upon.

However, the management committee of the madrassa, denied the allegations saying that they are fabricated and intentional.

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