Covaxin of Bharat Biotech heads towards Phase II : Reports

Silchar, Sep 1 : The steep rise in coronavirus cases in India has pushed the nationwide tally to more than 3.62 million. With continue to surge in positive cases across the India, the race for developing a promising home-grown vaccine has also picked up a pace. Trials for as many as three vaccines are going on in research facilities across India which according to reports are still in the nascent stages, except ‘Covaxin’ which has completed its Phase I trial and found safe on all volunteers, according to Times Of India report. This vaccine will move into Phase II trial soon.

According to Dr. E Venkata Rao, one of the doctors responsible for conducting the trials said participants recorded a spike in the production of antibodies soon after receiving the dose.” Lab samples also found that participants did not suffer from any side-effects after the inoculation” the report mentioned.

“Two doses of the vaccine were administered to each volunteer after they were selected through a screening process conducted over a period of three to seven days prior to vaccination. The first dose was administered on Day Zero while the blood sample was collected. The second dose was given on Day 14 and the blood sample was also collected,” Dr Rao said to TOI.

“Blood samples of the volunteers will also be collected on different days (28, 42, 104, 194 day) for estimating the duration of protection subsequently”, he added.

Dr. Rao also expressed that knowing the shortcomings and possible side-effects of the vaccine beforehand can prepare the developer for the future. “It can also help rule out the shortcomings which can arise with vaccine delivery, especially when administered to the higher-risk categories” he was quoted saying.

The IMS and SUM Hospital is one of the 12 medical centres in the country has been chosen by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for conducting the human trials of the vaccine developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech.

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