COVID patient flees from SMCH ward, brought back

Silchar, May 26: In a bizarre turn of events, a 45-year-old corona patient admitted at the COVID-19 ward at Silchar Medical College and Hospital has allegedly fled from the ward on Wednesday.

The news created an atmosphere of panic in the Kashipur area, adjacent to Tarapur Majumdar Bazar, where the man returned. Eventually a team from the police and health department came and took back him to the Silchar Medical college.

It is not clear if the man had any problems while in the hospital. However, family members alleged he was scared from the beginning after getting afflicted with the disease and also some nurses and health workers did not treat him well. However, family members did not support his decision to leave the hospital.

The patient’s home is in remote location where there is no special healthcare facilities. The patient’s family have an oximeter but there is no situation to give him medical services with oxygen. Following this and on request of his family, the patient returned to the hospital for the remaining treatment.

A team of police including Anand Medhi from Tarapur police station rushed to the area on Wednesday afternoon and spoke to family for convincing the patient to return to the hospital. The patient had reportedly low oxygen level, while he was being transported back and was given oxygen inside the ambulance.

This is the second case of a patient escaping from a COVID ward at Silchar Medical College Hospital. In the past, another patient ran off to his father-in-law’s house in Bhanga area of ​​Karimganj. From there, police and health workers rescued him and brought back to the hospital.

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