DC Cachar Inspects Oxygen Manufacturing Plants; Asks citizens not to hoard cylinders

Silchar, May 8 : Cachar Deputy Commissioner, Keerthi Jalli, on Thursday, visited the Oxygen generation plants at Chirukandi of Silchar and took stock of functioning and generation capacities of the plants.

The Deputy Commissioner visited the Shantiram and Assam Oxygen plants and directed the Plant establishment to work in coordinated manner to ensure adequate chain of Medical Oxygen is generated and transported to hospitals to meet any emergent Covid-19 situation.

“As of now there is no shortage of Oxygen supply in the district and there is absolute no worry. But we are taking steps as an extreme precaution, if there is any sudden jump of cases in the coming days” DC Jalli said after visiting the plants.

She informed, both the plants have been asked to keep emergency supplies of oxygen in reserve to deal with any sudden requirement and accordingly divert the supply from industrial consumers in graded fashion, so as to not hamper the functioning of industries too. “Both the plants assured their full cooperation to me and in exchange we are also ready to provide any assistance to them if required” DC quipped.

During the visit, a gap assessment was also done to ensure the availability of resources like empty cylinders and manpower to run the plant at peak capacity in case of exigency.

The DC also urged every citizens of the district not to indulge in hoarding of oxygen cylinders in this tough time as it may lead to further worsening of situation. “We have asked for high advance along with full personal details of those coming with individual requirement. It will help us to trace and bring back the cylinders during the exigency” DC mentioned.

The Deputy Commissioner further appealed to the residents of the district to ensure that they follow all guidelines and instructions being issued by the state government and health department, so that one is able to avoid any untoward situation.

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