Engendered monkey dies of electrocution near Assam University

Silchar, Jun 1 : A Phayre’s leaf monkey was spotted to gasp for its last breath during the wee hours of Tuesday, near Assam University Silchar, after it came in contact with an exposed wire of Assam University grid substation, forest officials of Cachar district said.

As per officials, the animal died of electrocution while attempting to cross the road near the Assam University Power grid, to reach the AUS gate end. “Incident occurred around 7:45 a.m when three Phayre’s leaf monkeys attempted to cross the road near the Assam University Power grid and to approach the AUS gate end. The low hanging exposed wires electrocuted one adult male Phayre’s leaf monkey, who fell into the gorge region” Cachar DFO Sunnydeo Choudhury said.

Phayre’s leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus phayrei) falls under IUCN endangered list,  WPA Schedule I.

Soon after the incident, the locals of the Dargankona rushed to the scene and attempted to save the monkey, as it drew its final breath. The monkey died within next 10 minutes.  

According to the forest official, the troop of monkey came from the Silcoorie T.E. forest area, where they reportedly got separated from their parent troop, consisting of 17 primates.

“There’s a chance the troop’s remaining members will try to forage in this area again. As a result, the forest Dept will take up the matter with the APDCL and request them to insulate the wires in Assam University’s foraging area” the Cachar DFO said.

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