Eviction begins; “Requesting public not to hinder government work”

Silchar, May 12 : The process of land acquisition for the proposed Greenfield airport at Cachar’s Doloo Tea Estate was initiated on wee hours of Thursday, amid tight layer of police and central forces security.

Hundreds of JCBs were deployed for the deforesting action, the move which has been opposed by the tea laborers fearing job losses.

Senior police officials are camping at the location despite of incessant rainfall in the area.

Cachar administration on Wednesday clamped section 144 at the area and adjoining Mahasadak, barring assembly of more than 5 persons and carrying of arms, weapons, explosives etc.

“Whereas it has been made to appear to me that there is apprehension that here is apprehension of breach of peace and public tranquillity around Dalu Tea Estate area including Mahasadak area in greater Borkhola due to eviction programme in connection with setting up of Green Field Airport, and, Whereas some persons may indulge in anti social activities and intimidate & tease the innocent people to create obstruction to genuine public and create annoyance” mentioned the order justifying the need of section 144.

At this stage, the tea garden workers are surrounded all around the tea estate. They are being controlled by Police officials equipped with riot controlling gears.

Cachar SP Ramandeep Kaur herself overseeing the process. Speaking with media, Kaur said, “The process of acquiring the land for the Greenfield airport has started. It is being done as per the memorandum signed by all the parties. My request to the public is not to hinder government work and redress their grievances though proper channels”.

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