Female nurse harassed, hurled abuses at Sonabarighat PHC

Sonai, Jan 24 : In a shocking incident, that occurred at Sonabarighat PHC last night, some youths started a brawl and allegedly harassed a General Nursing and Midwifery before vandalizing the hospital campus under the influence of alcohol. The youths also reportedly looted GNM’s neck chain and hurled abuses.  

As per available reports, GNM Priya Singh and helper Asma Begum, were on duty at the health center on Sunday night when they received a patient of scheduled delivery. They were assisting the expectant mother when some youths broke into the hospital searching for a doctor. Not finding any physician, the youths stormed into the labor room and forced the GNM Priya Singh to attend their patient on the earliest, who was reportedly injured in an accident and lying on a car outside.

Though the GNM worker first asked the youths to wait for few minutes as she was busy with an emergency case, continuous pursual of the youths forced Singh to visit their patient first.

“The patient was lying in the van outside. First, he refused to get himself treated but later on the urge of his friends he agreed to show. There was just slight swelling on his upper lips which was probably due to some food reaction. I asked them to go back home as it was not serious but the youths were adamant that I should treat him. Some of them started yelling at me and also hurled filthy abuses” GNM Priya Singh alleged.

Fearing that she might get assaulted anytime soon, Singh ran inside the hospital to the on-duty pharmacist for help.  Singh mentioned that the youths snatched her neck chain and also vandalized the doors of the labor room and outside parked 108 ambulances.

As soon as the Pharmacist came, the youths fled the spot. The incident has stirred panic among the hospital workers. The hospital staffs have demanded to recruit a permanent night security staff in the light of the Sunday incident.

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