Human traffickers active in Barak Valley; 4 escapes from clutches; narrates story

Katigorah, Nov 23 (Shamidra Paul) : This year on August,  an alleged human trafficker, Bappan Das, was arrested from Katigorah area of Cachar, who used to lure youths from the region on the pretext of providing job and later trade them off in exchange of money.

Similar incident has come to light again from Katigorah. Four youths, who have managed to escape from the clutches of alleged traffickers, were being lured to provide job in Arunachal Pradesh. The alleged trafficker also collected voter I Cards and vaccination certificates from them so as to give real impression of being a recruiter for jobs. But rather to take them at promised locations, they were being shipped to unknown place.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Paradeep Karmakar, one of the escaper and resident of Hilara, Katigorah, said that a local boy named Sujit Rajbangshi promised him for a job at a “big company” in Arunachal Pradesh with hefty salaries. The local agent reportedly also contacted and lured 17 others youths from the region and asked them to be ready to depart post puja.

“We were called on Monday for departing. We joined as called by Sujit, who took us to Karimganj. There he handed us to some other person who took us to some interior village” Pradeep said.

“There was a truck wrapped in Tarpaulin sheet and was loaded with rice, pulses and other materials. We were asked to board the truck and not to sneak outside, as we were being taken to bus station from where we will board a delux bus” narrated Pradeep.

The escaper mentioned that they grew suspition but not questioned the person as the latter was well behaving with them till than. But the youths had no difficulty in realizing the wrong when they were not being allowed to attend the nature call during the travel. They understood they have fallen into the clutches of human traffickers.

“After few hours, the truck suddenly stopped somewhere. We discovered it to be Badarpurghat where rails gates have fallen for crossing. We raised the alarm and ran away somehow. I am sure of 4 people who escaped along with me” said Pradeep.

Several young girls and boys from villages and small towns are often tricked by people and trafficked with false promises of jobs in the city. Better awareness among youths can only cause such cases to sag.

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