Indigo Airlines Reaching heights of Success, writes Abhilash Choudhury

By Abhilash Choudhury
August 30: During Indigo’s 4th quarter, the FY call, Airline CEO Ronojoy Dutta provided investors for a look into airlines performance and it’s outlook for the future. A year from now or ever further down, the chief thinks that the airline has huge potential on international expansion. During the call, the CEO Mr. Ronojoy Dutta went over the financial release.

Covering results for quarter 4 as well as FY 2019-20 which gave a clearly nice picture on airlines awesome growth even after the Pandemic of COVID 19. As the FY ends March 31st, the airline achieved a 25% increase in total income compared to the previous year. Also INDIGO expecting a pretty big quarterly report a few months from now. Also the CEO has said the Airline’s performance in International sector has been extremely good and intact international operations performed better then domestic right from December also Performing well in January.

Currently Indigo is connecting 24 international routes as what we have seen in recent months establishing solid connection with India & Gulf countries. However for the time being , Mr. Dutta said that recovery on Domestic operations is all what we have to focus on. If we look at the recovery records, the airline will recover more quick in Domestic operations than International. The only worry is that what other countries have will facilitate the Quarantine facilities by not stucking passengers in the middle.

Indigo is excited to start international destinations once again. The CEO also said that International routes will be a strong revenue generator for the airline. All that is the main focus on passenger safety while traveling with Indigo. As Indigo is on its way to start the international routes, we are expecting that the company will be interested in ordering a wide body long range aircrafts. So we all can expect that indigo airlines will go for BOEING 777 or AIRBUS A350 XWV.

Indigo is now reaching heights of success and now has become No.1 airline in campaign Aisa’s list of Indian Aviation brands in August 2020 supporting the nation by operating 800 Vande Bharat Mission and charter flights, repatriating more than 1,50,000 passengers in less than 3 months. These passengers have been brought back to their homeland from the Gulf Cooperation Council, South East Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States and SAARC countries. 

We can say that he whole Northeast Including Assam is Proud to have Indigo as our connecting channel to other parts of INDIA & abroad.

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