Mizoram “obstructs” Assam to construct BOP in border, “Issue sorted out” says SP

Cachar, May 8 : The Cachar administration on Friday, reportedly faced resistance from its Mizoram counterpart, when the former went to install a border outpost at Frenchnagar on the Assam-Mizoram border in the Cachar district.

On Friday, the Cachar police administration along with PWD officials reached the Frenchnagar area of Pagalcherra, on the interstate border area to construct the BOP, after reports of construction by the Mizoram side on the interstate border.

As per sources, within a few minutes, a group of Mizoram police officials came running to the spot and started obstructing the construction. The situation got charged up due to which the Assam officials had to step back.

The stalemate also continued on Saturday as Mizoram continued on their stance to obstruct construction.

The incident has created panic among the border residents as Mizoram is constructing roads and makeshift camps in the border area but resists Assam on safeguarding its border.

Cachar SP Ramandeep Kaur, speaking to BVU, said that the issue has been sorted out and construction has begun. “Mizoram officials just wanted to know the purpose of the construction. After they were briefed, the construction began. The location of the construction is well within the Assam territory” said the official.

The border dispute between the two neighbouring states is a long-standing issue that persisted for decades.

Several rounds of dialogues involving the Centre held since 1995 to resolve the dispute yielded little result.

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