Not calling anyone Maobadis, we sympathize with the tea labours : Roy

Silchar, May 13 : Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy, on Friday, mentioned that police have arrested some people for fuelling agitation among the Doloo tea labours by creating misconceptions.

Some outsiders have fuelled agitation among the (Doloo) tea workers in the last 15 days. Police is investigating who are those and also apprehended some people” said MP in a Facebook live video.

He mentioned that the Cachar administration has signed an MoU with the three registered labour organizations and also with the Tea estate management regarding all the raised issues but still some “outside forces” are creating confusion among the workers.

“There are around 1700 labours in Doloo out of which 1200 are permanent and rest casual. Our govt assures that not a single worker will lose their job” Roy said.

“Around 35-40% of the Tea Garden land is lying virgin. 2500 bigha land which is being acquired is only 50% of that virgin land. So, we have more land for replantation. There will be no loss of vegetation” assured Rajdeep Roy.

In the 19 mins long live video, Roy clarified that he didn’t call anyone ‘Maobadi’ and BJP have sympathy towards the tea tribes for their contribution to the growth of the state.

Roy on Friday also met the Chairman of the Airports Authority of India Sanjeev Kumar IAS and exchanged pleasantries along with briefing him on the proposed Greenfield Airport at Silchar.

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