Notorious car lifter nabbed by police from Silchar

Silchar, Jan 22 : What comes as breaking news, police had resorted to firing to prevent a criminal from escaping. The whole incident happened in the heart of Silchar town in Goplaganj area.

Cachar SP Numal Mahatta informed the media that the accused Afzal Hussain Barbhuiyan alias Lal is a most wanted criminal in multiple vehicle lifting cases.

“Our team intercepted him to be residing in proper Silchar. When our team led by OC reached to nab him, he tried to escape by injuring one of our police personnel” Cachar SP Numal Mahatta said.

Police officials said that he was controlled fired upon to prevent from escaping. Lal has been shifted to Silchar Medical College for treatment.

Meanwhile, locals of Gopalganj have shared resentment about the incident as it was the time when the area was crowded by civilians. “Police should not fire in such open spaces where there are many children, women and men around. What will happen if the bullet pierces someone else” said a local.

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