Piped gas leakage scares villagers in Sonai, leakage sealed

Sonai, Nov 12 : A major accident was averted in Sonai on Saturday when LPG reportedly started to leak from delivery pipes in Sonabarighat Part 2 village.

The leakage continued for over 30 minutes after a pipeline ruptured accidentally in the vicinity of a residential house.

The smell of the gas sparked alarm in the area forcing residents to run away from their houses.

As per the villagers, they tried to contact the given emergency number of the ONGC but didn’t get a suitable answer. “The call to the emergency number was received by someone from Guwahati. Their reply was not appalling and hence we decide to run to the ONGC office and alert the officials” said a local.

ONGC staff who rushed to the location thereafter and sealed the leakage mentioned that there is a bulb in the location of leakage and it may be “handy work of children” who loosened it resulting in gas leakage.

Locals have demanded for an inquiry into the incident as it created a serious panic in the village for hours. “We were at life risk. The entire village could have turned to Baghjan oil field due to negligence of department” said another local.

The ONGC staff also refuted the claims of the villagers that they were late to respond to the SOS calls. “Our teams were mobilized as soon as we got the information and reached the location in 15-10 mins,” said an official at the spot.

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