Roads riddled with potholes in Silchar- Jayantia road, putting people at risk

Silchar, 8 Aug (BM Suklabaidya) : – Silchar Jaintia(Shillong) road has become a death trap for a long time due to extreme negligence by the authorities. One hole is in procession after another, seems to be a skeletal road. It is very difficult to understand whether the road is perforated by a hole or a large ditch as soon as rains fall in it. Although the road from Kalain to Khambarbazar has undergone some renovations, the profile of huge potholes from Khambarbazar to Borkhola is a great example of the competence of the departmental authorities.

From the centuries-old British Era, this Silchar Jaintia road, the lifeline of the Barak Valley road has always been neglected. The condition of this road during the long Congress period is the same as during the present BJP government. Due to the long-term negligence of the government, the daily life of millions of people in Katigorah and Borkhola assembly constituencies are in dire straits.

When this matter was raised to the administration, Keerthi Jalli, D.C. of Cachar and former MLA Amar Chand Jain had promised to repair the roads by December last year.

Due to the negligence of the administration, the passengers were extremely suffering on this route from a long time. Accidents happen almost all the time on this road. Passengers and drivers are being subjected to extreme suffering and harassment as the car parts are broken and the car breaks down in the middle. The situation is even more dangerous at night. Although crores of rupees have been allocated for this road renovation time and time again, in reality it becomes rescinded.

On Sunday, a magic truck with a passenger car got stuck in a huge hole in Jaintia Road in the first section of Dhalachhara of Borkhola assembly constituency. Due to which this road is closed for about four hours. It is known that almost every day some vehicle gets stuck on this road.

The local victims drew the attention of Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma and demanded that the road to be repaired soon.

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