Sensational Incident in Silchar as Younger Sister Bites Off Elder Sister’s Nose

Silchar, 4 Nov: A shocking and disturbing incident unfolded in Silchar when a younger sister allegedly bit off her elder sister’s nose during a heated dispute. The incident took place on Friday night.

The victim, identified as Rinku Rani Das of Silchar’s Third Link Road, found herself at the center of a violent altercation involving her two sisters and their husbands. According to reports, the dispute escalated when the two sisters and their husbands demanded that Rinku provide her doctor’s prescription as evidence of an old incident.

However, Rinku Rani Das was reluctant to share her medical records, which led to a heated argument. The disagreement took a horrific turn when her younger sister, Reena Nath, along with her husband Chandra Nath and sister’s husband Tulsi Pal, resorted to a shocking act of violence. Reena Nath allegedly bit her elder sister’s nose and notched a portion of skin.

The brutal attack left Rinku’s nose bleeding, and the commotion quickly drew the attention of the family members and local residents. Concerned family members rushed Rinku to the Silchar Medical College for immediate medical attention. Later, a case was filed at the Rangirkhari police station.

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