Truck with 1.5 lakhs of Urea fertilizer impounded at Katigorah

Katigorah, Nov 23(Shamidra Paul) : A truck loaded with urea fertilizer was seized in Katigorah, on Monday night, the driver and the co-driver of which were also detained. The seized materials were supposed to be transported to Mizoram.

According to the details, on the basis of a tip-off, Katigorah OC Naba Kumar Saikia seized the truck at around 11 pm on Monday night while loading urea fertilizer in the 12-wheeler truck AS24C6003 at Tarinipur in Katigara Police Station area.

The two detainees are identified as Abdus Sahid Chowdhury and Abdus Samad Chowdhury and the truck loaded with fertilizer are currently in the custody of Katigorah police.

According to the driver, the truck contains about 400 bags of fertilizer with an estimated market value of over Rs 1.5 lakh. This huge quantity of fertilizer was supposed to be smuggled to Mizoram

According to another source, the seized vehicle supplies subsidized rice under FCI. As the matter is under investigation, police has not revealed much details on the case.

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